Hannah Fry: The Joy of Data

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Cities have become so large and populous that it can be hard to decipher what each community and individual wants. However, that’s where the tailored and smart use of data and mathematics comes in, to be able to discern patterns and behaviors that can be regulated or incentivized to improve our cities. To speak with us about the use of data and mathematics in urban settings is one of the most renown experts in the field. Hannah Fry is a Professor of the Mathematics of Cities at the Center for Advanced Spatial Analysis at the University College London. She’s written multiple books on the use of mathematics in unconventional settings, and has been a presenter for multiple BBC shows. She was a guest lecturer for the famed Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2019, and gave a TED talk in March 2014, which attracted over 5.2 million views. She got her PhD in Mathematics from the University City of London.