Future of Infrastructure – A podcast with Jeremy Goldberg

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Jeremy Goldberg, Microsoft’s Worldwide Director for Critical Infrastructure, is hosting a miniseries for Public Sector Future, all about infrastructure.

Goldberg will be sharing his conversations with city mayors, philanthropists, thought leaders from globally renowned think tanks, and more.

Why infrastructure is important?

“In the majority of nations, infrastructure has really been ignored. And it’s sometimes antiquated, often inefficient, and sometimes it’s just downright dangerous.”

Goldberg explains that physical infrastructure can be a threat to prosperity and growth.

“So, when we think about the future, we need to strengthen the core of our nations and of our cities. We must have something to do about changing and improving these weak links. We owe it to people, to business, to community, to be safe and secure for today and for future generations.”

The first episodes of this series on infrastructure are available now. You can listen to the full episodes HERE.

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