Big names across micromobility sector form European coalition

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E-scooter operators have come together to form a new coalition, Micromobility for Europe (MMfE), which has launched this week. Comprised of eight founding members (Bird, Bolt, Dott, FreeNow, Lime, TIER, Voi and Wind), the coalition aims to contribute to the development of a coherent policy framework in Europe, which it hopes will ensure micro-mobility solutions flourish in European cities and support the rapid transition to zero-emission urban mobility.

Members of MMfE will work to address issues like congestion and the exhaust emissions associated with urban travel, together with the cities in which they operate, with a goal to ultimately transform urban mobility.

For Europe to meet its ambitious emissions targets, the coalition thinks more will need to be done at a sustained pace. “Micro-mobility has revolutionised urban mobility and established itself as an essential alternative to personal car ownership and use” said Catriona Meehan, Co-Chair of the coalition and representative of Wind.

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