5G speed: Top 10 cities and countries

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Jeonju (South Korea), Hsinchu (Taiwan), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Dubai (UAE), Tokyo (Japan), Melbourne (Australia), Zurich (Switzerland), Dublin (Ireland), Barcelona (Spain), Calgary (Canada) are the top 10 cities that top the chart on 5G network speed.

The 5G mobile speed on smartphones touched 415.6 Mbps in Jeonju, 360.1 Mbps in Hsinchu, 317.3 Mbps in Riyadh, 285.4 Mbps in Dubai, 277.5 Mbps in Tokyo, 257.6 Mbps in Melbourne, 245.1 Mbps in Zurich, 194 Mbps in Dublin, 188.8 Mbps in Barcelona, and 184.1 Mbps in Calgary.

+INFO: Telecomlead

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