With work-from-home here to stay, what will become of the office?

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With countries emerging from a coronavirus-induced economic slumber, employers and employees alike have to start contending with a new work-from-home reality that is likely to linger on.

As the pandemic raged and lockdowns and mandatory social distancing were instituted to keep the deadly virus at bay, businesses made their way online, and, to the extent possible, employees abandoned the office in droves and began working from home.

Some, like Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, have called working from home an “aberration”; his firm is pushing to get workers back to the office “as quickly as possible.” Others, like streaming music company Spotify, have said that they will be letting employees work from anywhere after the pandemic. Twitter and Square are letting employees work from home “forever,” and Microsoft has said that its employees will have more flexibility to work from home.

What is likely to emerge, experts say, is a hybrid model in which employees will work partly from home and partly from the office.

+INFO: The Times of Israel

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