Why IoT is the cornerstone of AWS’s zero-trust strategy

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At its re:Invent conference this fall, AWS made two IoT cybersecurity announcements that reflect the role of machine identities in its zero-trust security strategy. AWS’s roadmap outlines that machine identities need to come first and that customers need cloud services to scale networks comprised of machines and dominated by machine-to-machine integration.

To help achieve that goal, AWS releaseed IoT ExpressLink, a cloud service designed to fast-track new IoT devices through secured DevOps cycles and integrated with AWS IoT Device Defender. It also announced improvements to AWS IoT Greengrass, which include features to assist AWS customers in performing patch management at scale across fleets of IoT and network devices, all of which have their own machine identities.

+INFO: VentureBeat

\IMAGE: VentureBeat

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