Why Blockchain-Based Cloud Computing Could Be the Future of IoT

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With the fast internet and extremely smart devices, the web of data possesses the current world. This data is crucial to control devices, communicate with them, and execute tasks. Currently, due to the invention of high-speed networks such as 5G, the IoT is expanding its coverage in the market and using this data. As per the report shared by Gartner, IoT is expected to establish a network of more than 25 billion devices globally by 2021.

Now, with the adoption of IoT in more devices, it is also possible that data security threats such as hacking and data breaching increase significantly. So, to protect the IoT trending technology against such issues, blockchain technology comes into the picture. Blockchain networks are known to be more secure, cryptic, and reliable in terms of securing and keeping data safe. Thus, blockchain technology is also expanding along with the IoT to keep it safe.

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