When Planning Smart Cities, Don’t Forget About Accessibility in Mobility

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When Planning Smart Cities Don t Forget About Accessibility in Mobility-696x428

We live in an age where nearly everything we use is “smart.” Our devices have long had the capability to bring the data of the world to our fingertips. Still, now the smart capabilities have extended to once-mundane parts of our lifestyles like household appliances and modes of transportation. As such, it is not only our personal lifestyles that are becoming “smart,” but they are extending to affect our cities and our nations, developing into “smart cities.”

A smart city takes the idea of smart technology and expands it on a tremendous scale. The city will use technology and connectivity to provide services and solutions to address societal needs: improve social and economic welfare, reduce environmental pollution and waste, improve safety and security policies, and open these services and solutions to be inclusive to all.

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