What’s in store for European tech and startups in 2021?

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This time last year, Sifted compiled at least some pretty accurate predictions for 2020. Our columnist Nicolas Colin said it was going to be the year of remote working, which he was definitely right about (albeit it not exactly for the reasons he said). Philippe Collombel, general partner at Partech, said it was going to be the “year of economic crisis” which hit the nail on the head.Admittedly, not everyone was spot on. Jean de La Rochebrochard, partner at Kima Ventures, said it was going to be the year when travel tech beat fintech (the pandemic put a stop to that). Gabriela Hersham, cofounder and chief executive of coworking space Huckletree, said it was going to be the “year of community coworking”.So after that mixed bag, and an uncertain 12 months ahead, what predictions can we make for 2021? Well, here is our effort from the Sifted team of reporters.

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