What cities of the future can learn from the crypto world

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This morning El Salvador’s popular president Nayib Bukele announced that the country has approved Bitcoin as legal tender. That is, you can use Bitcoin in El Salvador to buy and sell goods and services. The Salvadoran Congress voted 62 out of 84 in favour of the bill.

hello-world-logo-258x258A few minutes earlier, Bukele was on Twitter Spaces, broadcasting to over 20,000 listeners from across the world about the historic move. The president also took questions from dozens of listeners as he painted an optimistic view of the future.

“This is an opportunity for the growth of the economy and the country and of the people,” said Bukele. The Republic of El Salvador is a Central American country with a population of just about 70 lakh—that is about half the population of Bangalore. The country’s nominal gross domestic product as of 2020 was $24.784 billion (India is at $3 trillion).

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