Weaponized AI, Automated Hacking and Deepfakes: 3 Threats to Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is exponentially increasing the possible attack surface, creating new possibilities for the cyber-criminal sector. In addition to their ever-expanding arsenal of malicious software and zero-day risks, new technologies such as automated hacking, deepfakes, and weaponized AI are being contributed to their arsenal.

Let’s dive into the article to learn how these tools are a threat to the world today.

What are the practical applications of automated hacking, and how can they influence your business? Hackers use programs like Shodan to compile a comprehensive list of internet-connected devices, including web servers, surveillance cameras, webcams, and printers.

In Sweden, for example, automated hacking tools were used to find public cameras near a harbor. They could watch and detect submarines coming in and out of the port using that imagery. They could figure out how long the ships had been on the move, their range, and where they might have gone. This does not necessitate a team of IT experts and may be completed by anyone.

Even if your company doesn’t rent submarines, it’s probable to have security cameras and networked printers at the front door. These gadgets may be identified and accessed from a distance. Who enters your workplace or meets with you is none of their concern; that data belongs to you?

Cyber-attacks are progressively targeting specific persons, as previously stated. This is referred to as spear phishing. Instead of just expecting that unwitting recipients will click on the phishing mail, cybercriminals are increasingly attempting to persuade their victims to send money. To mimic a third party or a corporate executive, fake accounts, email accounts, websites, and branding and communication styles are created. It’s also known as “whaling” when a high-ranking CxO is targeted.

The first stage for cyber-criminals in creating a convincing message is reconnaissance. What clients does the target company have, how many workers does it have, do they utilize a certain email template, and what weaknesses does it have? They employ automated resources instead of manually sifting through publicly available data. As a result, their technique is more thorough and quicker, and their success rates are greater.

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