We surveyed 6,000 employees about the future of work. Here’s what they want

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As leaders, we should be able to make the following series of statements with confidence:

  • I know who my best people are, and we have plans in place to keep them engaged while ensuring their continued growth.
  • I’m delighted with our talent brand and ability to attract the best people.
  • I’m proud of how we hire and onboard people into our business, maintain high retention, and enable our employees to do their best work.

Even if you would have agreed with all those statements before the pandemic, I’ll bet you’re far less confident about them now. The past 18 months have shifted the way all workers think about their professional lives. The true challenge is finding solutions that suit individuals, teams, and businesses as a whole. Atlassian’s “Reworking Work” study offers some clues.

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