Transportation: here are the world’s sustainable mobility champions

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A handful of large cities have already embarked on projects and transformation paths that will lead to sustainability and greater livability.

The City Mobility Index looks at the best practices in urban transformation, ranking the 10 most advanced cities in terms of sustainable mobility. These are described in the study “Mobility Futures. How mobility will be shaped by the world’s great cities,” carried out by the consulting firm Kantar Group.

From Berlin to New York City, from Milan to Paris, from Auckland to London, the study finds that these metropolises have all adopted the same recipe. It calls for investing in underground rail transport, and therefore in the city’s public transport network, focusing on intramodality by interweaving traditional routes with those designed for non-polluting means of transport (starting with bicycles and electric scooters), supporting a cultural change that will convince residents to leave their cars at home and move around using public transport.

In recent years, 10 leading cities, divided between America, Europe and Asia, have had the courage to invest in infrastructure projects of strategic importance and to design long-term development plans. They are already beginning to enjoy the benefits of this commitment in terms of development and quality of life.

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