This carbon-negative massive megafactory will produce an EV every 2 seconds

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Ola Electric recently began construction on an electric scooter megafactory designed to produce 2 million of its 100 km/h (62 mph) electric two-wheelers per year. The factory doesn’t only produce green vehicles though, it is actually quite green itself.

Currently under construction in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Ola FutureFactory is built on a 500-acre (two-square-kilometer) site.

The factory is expected to provide 10,000 jobs when it is completed, with phase 1 production of electric scooters slated to begin by June.

Phase 1 will see an initial annual production capacity of 2 million electric scooters per year, but phase 2 will see that capacity boosted to 10 million by 2022. Once reaching full capacity with 10 production lines, Ola Electric expects one scooter to roll out of the factory every two seconds.

The factory will house its own test track inside of the complex, which will allow for final vehicle testing even during inclement weather. Without emissions, electric scooters can be safely operated indoors – unlike gas-powered scooters.

+INFO: Electrek

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