These frightening graphics show how far under water your city will be

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During Hurricane Harvey, the Houston neighborhood of Harrisburg-Manchester didn’t flood as much as some other parts of the city. But if greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked, it won’t be so lucky: the area will eventually be permanently under water because of sea level rise.

A new study and a series of visualizations show the long-term consequences of global warming on sea levels in cities around the world. Most research on sea level rise has focused on what might happen, decade by decade, this century. “That’s extremely important work, because it helps us with our immediate planning,” says Benjamin Strauss, CEO and chief scientist at the nonprofit Climate Central, and the lead author of the new paper in Environmental Research Letters. “But we wanted to highlight the big picture here, and the hundreds of years of unremitting sea level rise that we set in motion depending on what we do.”

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