The pandemic should be a wake-up call for global citizens and global cities alike — the world will reopen, but it needs to be better

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With all the suffering COVID-19 has brought on us this year, it can feel terribly insensitive to worry about something like international travel. But the truth is, as someone who has lived internationally and is sitting on travel credits from two cancelled family vacations, I do miss this part of my life. One of the biggest changes COVID-19 caused was the shrinking of my world.In 2020 I went from “global citizen” to living within what was walking or biking distance of my home. But as much as 2020 has boxed us in, its also shown an irrefutable truth about our modern age: our world is deeply interconnected. Yet as human beings we take ideas and sort them into separate categories. When we think about the future of Toronto, we usually view our city’s most critical issues as ones that fall into the municipal box. Problems discussed by city council and the mayor — transit, property taxes, new developments.

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