The 6 most in-demand jobs for a greener future

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From the way we use transport to developing city spaces, green jobs are on the up.

By 2030, up to 20 million jobs could be created worldwide in sustainable employment. A post-COVID workforce will be looking for economic stimuli through every available avenue, and no line of work will be excluded. As the pandemic continues, so do questions about the relationship between public health and environmental health.

Action is already being taken – Friends of the Earth has commissioned a report in response to the UK’s “youth unemployment crisis” that advocates for the creation of 250,000 new green apprenticeships. Decarbonising the energy sector is a widely accepted policy among governments, and the European Commission has announced plans to at least double the annual energy renovation rate of buildings by 2030.

The roles experiencing the strongest demand apply to a variety of skill sets – an alternative energy engineer might seem worlds away from an urban gardener, but they both require long term positions in roles that offer livable wages.

It’s an exciting time to consider the possibilities of how the demands of sustainability may pave the way for more high quality careers.

+INFO: Euronews

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