The 4 Tiers of Digital Transformation

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Jul21 12 ValerieChiang

It’s easy to acknowledge the game-changing role digital technologies are playing in the modern economy. The challenge, to which most companies have yet to rise, is figuring out how to fully capture the different kinds of value that these technologies offer. Developing a strategy for digital transformation that fully leverages this value is also not easy. Without a comprehensive assessment of what digital technologies can offer, firms tend to assume that any application of modern digital technologies will lead to a digital transformation. Consequently, many of them make ad-hoc business decisions about the use of digital technologies and end up struggling even to maintain competitive parity, despite substantial investments.

To get an indication of the full range of value that digital technologies can offer, consider the following four examples, each of which highlights the strategic advantages available at a different tier of digital transformation.

+INFO: Harvard Business Review

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