Smart Technologies will Transform the Data Center Markets in Russia and Canada – Arizton

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The increase in digitalization and adoption of cloud services are creating high demand for data centers. Google announced plans of acquiring a property in Beauharnois, Quebec to operate a data center that would be valued at around USD 600 million. Large companies are focusing on investing huge amount on data centers to secure information. Upgradation of smart technologies are transforming data centers which are likely to create more demand in the upcoming years. Data center are going to be next big thing for the companies and business across the globe. Arizton’s research reports on the data center knowledge base offer an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, the latest trends and drivers, and the overall market insights. Observing these rapid and drastic changes in demand and supply patterns encouraged the industry analysts at Arizton to publish exhaustive and data-driven insights on these recent trends in the industry.

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