Smart parking a prerequisite for smart cities

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There’s a huge buzz at the moment about smart cities—cities that use the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data to revolutionize urban life and deliver on a promise of efficiency and convenience. And at the very heart of it all is a fundamental rethinking of the way cities handle parking; a smart city without smart parking would be missing a key ingredient in transportation management. For hotel managers, this trend in rethinking urban design offers a chance at additional revenue streams by integrating your available parking areas with the smart city plan for smart parking.

Street congestion is one of the top problems that smart cities seek to solve, and smart parking is one of the best ways to solve it. Think of how much city traffic comes from people slowly circling blocks looking for parking, or from someone double parking while they run in somewhere, or from someone learning to parallel park in real time while a line of traffic forms behind them. When you start to remove these scenarios from the streets, city traffic starts to look different.

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