Smart city success through connected sensors and edge analytics

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A larger proportion of the world’s population is living in cities than ever before, and the trend shows little sign of slowing. Despite the short-term effect of the pandemic encouraging some people to look at a more rural lifestyle, in reality this is an option only available to a minority of people. According to the United Nations, despite urban areas only covering around 2% of the planet’s surface, it is anticipated that 68% of people will live in a city by 2050.

It’s a complex picture. Numerous factors are interlinked to make cities attractive to citizens and businesses. The all-important factor of “liveability” is something that city administrators strive for, and though it may seem like an intangible element, it is actually based on a number of very measurable aspects. Safety and security, mobility and transportation, air quality, noise pollution, employment opportunities, green spaces—all of these combine to enhance a city’s liveability.

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