Self-driving electric buses are here, and they’re cruising round Málaga

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Looping around an eight-kilometer stretch of the city six times a day, the 60-seater bus is equipped with sensors and cameras that use artificial intelligence to improve its decisions based on data recorded along the route.

There is a driver at the wheel to take control if necessary, as Spanish law does not currently allow vehicles to operate without one.

A handful of European cities, including Copenhagen and Hamburg, have run trials involving eight-seater driverless electric shuttles, but this is the first time a regular-sized bus has been used.

“The bus knows at all times where it is and what is around it,” said Rafael Durban Carmona, head of the southern division of Spanish transport company Avanza.

It can also interact with traffic lights that are equipped with sensors that alert the bus when they turn red, Carmona told Agence France-Presse.

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