Remote working v the office: four company bosses have their say

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The global pandemic and lockdown restrictions forced many UK businesses to move employees to remote working, practically overnight.

Four company bosses speak about the upsides and downsides of working from home versus the traditional office-based model as they consider what the future might look like for their businesses and staff.

‘We can now recruit from different parts of the country’Dan Newns, the co-founder of Jump24, a Birmingham-based company specialising in web applications, initially struggled with the idea of operating entirely remotely when coronavirus forced his premises to shut.

“We’ve always had an office, and just six months before the pandemic began we had signed a three-year lease. Then everything went remote. Office collaboration was a big part of the company, but everyone has been working from home since last March and I expect that to continue.

“Our team is relatively young, so not everyone has been vaccinated yet. I wouldn’t ask anyone to put themselves at risk by using public transport or to suffer anxiety from working in a shared space right now.”

+INFO: The Guardian

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