Ranking the Top 15-Minute Cities of the United States

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Natalie Bicknell shares news of a new report by moveBuddha, an online company that shares information and resources for moving, that ranks U.S. cities by their achievement of the "15-minute city" ideal that has gained traction in urbanism circles in recent years.

"[Mi]d-size American cities of 250,000 to 750,000 residents dominated the rankings of the top 25 future 15-minute cities in the United States," report Bicknell of the report’s findings. A few large cities "known for engaging in urban planning on the neighborhood level," namely, Chicago and Philadelphia also made the cut.

The report compares data from 78 large U.S. cities on metrics like bike and walk scores, access to dining, safety, child care, schools, medical facilities, and more, according to an article for moveBuddha by Joe Robison.

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