Ranked: The World’s 15 Best Cities, According To Time Out (Guess Which U.S. City Won?)

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Cities have had a rough time during the pandemic, but if you look at history, they’re sure to bounce back. The Roaring Twenties came hot on the heels of the last big pandemic (the Spanish flu), and much of the action took place in urban settings. After many European cities were bombed during World War II, the Swinging Sixties followed.

So the new Time Out Index—a ranking of the world’s best cities—couldn’t come at a better moment, as this list helps celebrate what makes cities so great, even during a global pandemic. “Cities have always been relevant,” says Caroline McGinn, global editor-in-chief of Time Out.

“They are a sleeping giant: they’ve been dreaming up new ways of being together and making culture through the long hibernation of the Covid winter, but now these giants are awake again and big new, exciting movements will emerge.”

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