Path to net zero: Climate change takes center stage at more US oil companies

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Many of the largest oil and natural gas companies in the U.S. and Canada jumped on the train to combat climate change in the second half of 2020 as they began to more fully embrace the energy transition and started to adopt stricter goals to reduce emissions.

Investors and consumers have been pushing hard for global energy companies to take environmental stances. Some companies have outlined more ambitious goals than others — from plans to cut emissions intensity to setting absolute net-zero ambitions by the middle of the century.

Looking at the top 30 oil and gas companies in Europe and North America based on market capitalization in July, S&P Global Market Intelligence found that none in the U.S. or Canada had set net-zero emissions goals. By Dec. 4, four had. Eleven of the 30 oil and gas companies have now announced net-zero goals.

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