Pandemic revs up tech transition, sheds light on smart cities

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The coronavirus pandemic is forcing a lifestyle change also triggering a greater use of technology. Everyone, from architects to tech startups, seems to be working to adapt to the new lifestyle and technology needs for smart cities. Private spaces in homes are increasing while the use of smart energy consumption and electric vehicles also seems to be a rising trend.

All aspects of smart homes and cities, from smart energy consumption to smart electric vehicles, were discussed in this week’s Venture60 event. Permanent changes in designs, 5G infrastructure, smart energy solutions of talented startups were also among the main topics of discussion during the event. Among other concepts discussed were the developing concepts in new homes, offices and cities and increasing use of metal collar robots.

Speaking about the transition to hybrid digital life culture with the pandemic, NGN Business Development Manager Cem Lale said despite the increase in the number of metal collar employees, the need for people will continue, adding that manufacturers and retailers can access the data from anywhere.

+INFO: Daily Sabah

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