NRF 2021: How 5G, Smart Cities and a Global Pandemic Are Changing Shopping Forever

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The safe and quick movement of people and resources across locations in a city is essential to transform it into a smart city. In the Union Budget 2021-22, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has made much-required provisions for the green mobility and public transport system. As per the budget announcements, we can see a plan to increase public buses running in many Indian cities. The cities with more than five lakh plus people will be getting more than 20,000 buses. Such cities include Union Territories, Hill cities and capitals of North East States, etc. It is a welcome move by the finance minister as inducting new buses will improve urban mobility in our country.

A clean and sustainable transportation system is very significant for cities. It is clear that the Union Budget 2021-22 emphasizes on increasing public transport in urban areas. A budgetary provision of Rs 18,000 crore shows the seriousness of the government in this regard. But is this provision enough for such a big task? No, it’s not, as we may need 10 times more amount, but no amount shall be enough unless we look at it holistically.

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