Moving the needle on diversity in relation to climate change

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What is your role in Boston’s diversity office and what was your route in?

Winston: I’m the diversity programmes and outreach director for the City of Boston, working closely with the chief diversity officer, Danielson Tavares.

Our work is really to ensure everybody in the city gets a chance to succeed. We do a lot of analysis and work with data to form strategies that can ensure that Boston continues to be a place where everyone gets a fair chance. This extends not just to the community but within the municipal building, too, where we create different employee resource groups (ERGs) for employees to gather and share ideas. Fundamentally, we believe that if we want to promote diversity in the right way, we need to start from home.

When we talk diversity in Boston, it’s not just skin colour and income – it’s about creating a place where everybody feels valued for their own individuality.

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