Most of our cities are turning into urban heat islands, day in and day out

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freepressjournal 2021-03 189cdd3e-9ab0-4ada-9e57-810900779339 heat island

If it feels like summer in mid-March, don’t blame global warming. It’s the usual suspect but the culprit here is not the natural environment as much as the man-made environment — the concrete jungle — which creates heat islands or localities that are substantially warmer than their surroundings.

In Mumbai, the surface temperatures during summer in crowded central suburbs such as Kurla and Andheri East, can be eight to nine degrees Centigrade higher than in other parts of the city. This is the finding of a study on the urban heat island effect in Mumbai by Aparna Dwivedi, M V Khire and B K Mohan at IIT-Mumbai’s Centre for Studies in Resources Engineering.

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