MIT continues AI collaboration with Toyota Research Institute

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The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced today that it will be extending its AI research collaboration with MIT. TRI, which also has existing relationships with Stanford and the University of Michigan, has selected 13 additional academic institutions to participate in the next five-year phase of its research initiative.

TRI’s next five-year phase involves investing more than $75 million in the academic institutions, making it one of the largest collaborative research programs by any automotive company in the world. The institute’s first five-year program generated 69 patent applications and nearly 650 papers, according to TRI Chief Science Officer Eric Krotkov.

“Our next five years are about pushing even further and doing so with a broader, more diverse set of stakeholders,” says Krotkov. “Our aim is to build a pipeline of new ideas from different perspectives and underrepresented voices that share our vision of using AI for human amplification and societal good.”


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