Microsoft, Accenture tag team to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint

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Revealed on Wednesday, the companies said their collaboration will help the UK make the transition to "net-zero" carbon emissions.

Through and in conjunction with Microsoft and Accenture’s joint venture, Avanade — a London-based business solutions group — the firms aim to work with energy and utility players to overhaul existing processes.

In particular, Avanade will "help utility and energy companies transform the energy system and lower the cost of decarbonizing the supply and demand of electricity in the UK."

Modernization through cloud, open data, artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, and what Microsoft and Accenture call a "digital workforce" are the key areas both firms will promote in the UK’s energy sector.

The companies have a set of specific goals in mind: helping utility and energy firms reduce the cost of renewable energy generation by up to 25%; improving electricity balancing and fluctuation management; and reducing the cost of offshore systems monitoring — potentially through the use of drones and AI.


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