Manila gears for ‘smart city’ status with Microsoft help

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Just as the City of Manila is gearing for the attainment of “Smart City” status, the local government unit won three recognitions during the Digital Governance Awards 2021 — LGUs Best Practices in Information and Communication Technology — held on October 29.

The awards include the COVID 19-Testing Center Web-Lab-IS – Best in LGU Empowerment Award (City Level) – 1st Place; City of Manila Connection for Inclusion Award – Best in Customer Empowerment Award (City Level) 1st Place and the Business Permit Licensing Service (BPLS) – Best in Business Empowerment Award (City Level) 2nd Place.

Earlier, the city government of Manila forged a partnership with software giant Microsoft which will help accelerate the LGU’s goal of building a 21st century economy that lifts up the poor, improves job opportunities for its middle class, and enhance how the city government works internally.

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