Making Data Center Smart: How Artificial Intelligence Helps?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in capturing, processing, and analyzing data at much faster rate than ever, today! It is also becoming more efficient and useful to incorporate data elements and managing data centers.

With data becoming a pre-requisite to sustain almost every business operation for insight and business results, data centers are on the crux of this digital transformation. These physical facilities that house the computers and equipment power the information needs of the modern economy. Data centers provide seamless data backup and recovery facilities while supporting cloud storage applications and transactions. Apart from boosting economy, the data center ecosystem attracts many international tech companies for the nation. Moreover, the presence of data centers ensure an excellent investment climate and employment opportunities for the local community.

Despite their key role in bringing digital revolution, they are not without problems. According to Gartner analyst Dave Cappuccio, 80% of enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers by 2025. The figures are fitting considering the host of problems faced by traditional data centers like lack of readiness to upgrade, infrastructure challenges, environmental issues and more. And the remedy for this is leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the data center functions and infrastructure.

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