London Smart City Research Study 2021: Technological Transformation Enabling the Future of City

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London’s total land area is less than 0.5% of the UK’s size, but the city contributes to over 10% of the country’s economic output. This is complemented by the city’s complex underlying operational fabric.

Hence, developing a sound strategy with a holistic view of risks vs returns needs critical analysis – while it improves or addresses a particular challenge, it may negatively impact another area. Additionally, the effects of Brexit and COVID-19 are also becoming stumbling blocks for the city, adding to its economic challenges besides driving behavioral shifts amongst its population.

This concise profile of London highlights key growth metrics, the city’s current state, COVID-19’s impact on city mobility, the city’s digital economy, initiatives toward smart city mobility and EV strategy, and the focus on sustainable mobility through the enhancement of public transit systems and infrastructure.

+INFO: Business Wire

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