Launch of Innovate Cities to Drive New Era of Smart City Innovation and Commercialization While Protecting Canadians’ Privacy

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Today marks the official launch of Innovate Cities, a not-for-profit network of innovators dedicated to creating more inclusive, livable and sustainable cities. Innovate Cities is a first-of-its-kind, helping to drive Canadian smart city innovation and commercialization by providing innovators with the tools they need to connect, create and scale – all while protecting every citizen’s privacy.

“With more than 80% of the Canadian population calling cities home, our urban communities are under significant strain. We need to adapt to create more resilient, healthier and happier places to live,” says Hugh O’Reilly, Executive Director and Board Member of Innovate Cities. “Access to data is the key to unlocking this potential, but it cannot be done without a governance model and corresponding infrastructure that protects individual privacy and earns trust. With a new model, smart city technology can be regulated much like any other service to ensure that it is working for citizens rather than against them.”

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