Lacina Koné: «The Covid-19 pandemic provided African cities with an opportunity to shift the mindset»

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The future of the world is urban — and the future of the urban world is African. In 2100, Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, will probably reach 100 million inhabitants. Kinshasa, the busy main city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, will have more than 83 million people by the same year. Niamey, Niger’s little-known capital, could have the same population as Spain — 46 million, and Blantyre, in southern Malawi, could be the size of New York in 80 years. We talk with Lacina Koné, Director General of Smart Africa, about how technology is helping African cities cope with this emerging demographic boom and how, amid the continent’s rampant urbanization, Covid-19 can mean both risks and disruptive opportunities. He leads Smart Africa, a bold initiative and innovative commitment by African Heads of State and Government to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development on the continent, introducing Africa to a knowledge economy through affordable access to technologies and infrastructures.

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