Is ‘Datafication’ the New Mantra for Smart Everything?

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What is ‘Datafication’? Is that even proper English? Apparently, it is now.In the technology industry, we’re used to lots of acronyms. We’re also used to hearing new phrases that both startups and established companies would love us to adopt as industry naming. It gives a kind of hidden sense of pride in having invented the term.

So, when reviewing the presentations submitted for next week’s Boards and Solutions 2020 virtual conference (13-14 October 2020), the one term I picked up as a possible new mantra is ‘datafication’. More specifically, as Charbel Aoun, EMEA business development director for smart cities at Nvidia, describes the four megatrends that will significantly impact our lives, he explains that with 8,000 new IoT devices connected every 60 seconds, “Digitization has enabled datafication.”

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