I’m socially anxious, and working from home has been life-changing

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Working from home, while very much a privilege, has been a mixed bag. I live alone and often realize, as the sun begins to set, that my mouth has not actually emitted a word all day. The lack of interaction can make it easy for minor anxieties and frustrations to spiral into existential crises.

On the other hand, there are plenty of benefits; off the top of my head, I’d place rolling out of bed seconds before work begins, devoting milliseconds to choosing my outfit, and a minimal commute – from my bed to the platform above it – near the top of the list.

All of these were fairly predictable when we left our offices a year ago. What I hadn’t foreseen were the professional benefits, for someone who is socially anxious, of changing the primary way we communicate.

+INFO: The Guardian

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