How to Make Cybersecurity a Priority for Smart Cities

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The global smart city market is expected to grow in terms of revenue from an estimated $129 billion in 2021 to $241 billion in 2025, according to data from Statista.

At the same time, experts are warning that cybersecurity cannot fall by the wayside as cities continue to roll out technologies to improve city services and make life easier for residents.

A report issued in summer 2021 from the research firm Guidehouse Insights found that the growth in smart city technologies could lead to new cybersecurity threats and “the risk of cascading failure across key city systems.” Even more worrisome, according to the report, is that securing connected devices and smart city systems is “often an afterthought.”

To address these cybersecurity concerns, government leaders and top IT decision-makers in cities and towns should be doing several things to make their connected infrastructure as secure as possible.

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