Here are the Toronto suburbs where home prices have been rising fastest

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Who’d have ever thought, before the pandemic hit, that real estate in the 905 would one day be hotter than it is in Toronto?

As crazy as the thought would have seemed even one year ago, here we are, in a market that’s been flipped on its head and across the entire GTA — in some cases to the great benefit of people who purchased homes in the suburbs prior to COVID.

A new piece of analysis from the high tech real estate brokerage Properly shows that people who bought homes in suburban areas of the GTA during the six-month period leading up to the health crisis have seen their investments increase far beyond their counterparts in the city.

That’s not to say that prices have decreased anywhere in the region. On the contrary, they’ve increased literally everywhere thanks to a rush of demand amid supply shortages — just at a much faster rate in some pockets of the GTA than others.

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