How Tech-Enabled Smart Cities Are Helping Fight Covid19

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While the initial caseload of Covid19 in India was confined to metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, it is now the Tier 2 and 3 cities that are contributing the most to new Covid19 cases in the country.

The increasing caseload has also led to authorities across cities taking various steps to control the spread of the disease among people and ensure proper treatment and care of those affected. Countries like India with densely populated cities face extra challenges due to a lot of unplanned infrastructures, which often acts as a barrier for containment efforts.

Besides, the pandemic has also led to what climate activists and green technology campaigners could not even dream about so far: virtually empty city streets, clean air to breathe and limited traffic on the roads. In fact, Covid19 has made everyone rethink and revisit that how people start living in a more healthier and sustainable way as many global health experts claim the pandemic to become another endemic virus that will never go away completely. Hence, projects like smart cities can help us in paving the way for smarter and better-equipped cities that can tackle such pandemics in the future more effectively.

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