How Should We Return to Work? The Future of the Hybrid Workforce

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The end to our global health crisis journey may be nearing, and now employers face a dilemma: Should they stay at home or go back to work? To their surprise, many employers have found that remote workers can be just as productive from home as they were in the office. Certainly, a full return to work will be necessary for many firms. But the experience with remote work has many employers reconsidering the future of where to place their workforce.

This finding comes from one of the most intensive studies on the future of remote work, conducted late last year by McKinsey & Co. Its analysis of 800 occupations in nine countries found that professional occupations are most likely to retain some mix of remote and in-person work. Some of the findings are predictable, such as the suitability of remote work for tasks that are performed autonomously and require little interaction with others. Occupations in finance, insurance, professional services and information technology often show little to no productivity loss from remote work.

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