How I learned to stay sane while working from home for 15 years

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Right from the beginning of the first lockdown, we were bombarded with advice on how to get through what we thought would be a one-off working-from-home experience.

Now, almost a year later, many of us are still making the daily commute from one room to another as we try to go about our normal daily lives.

And in order to keep ourselves sane, we have been advised to do various things, including getting dressed as if we are heading into the office, putting on make-up (presumably this was aimed at women, but who knows?), wearing shoes (or, as one “expert” recommended, power heels) and designating a separate area to resemble your actual workplace.

This is all very well, and aspects will work for some people, but as someone who has worked from home for the past 15 years, I beg to differ.

Yes, it is important to stick to a routine, but it is not necessary to wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes – because unless you are on a video link, no one is going to know if you are wearing your favourite slouchy jumper with trackie bottoms and slippers – and if you feel warm and comfortable, then you will, in my opinion, be able to work more efficiently.

But I do believe it is vital to start the day well – and a brisk walk is the best way to clear the head. Recently I have started leaving my earphones at home in order to avoid the negative news and allow my thoughts to drift. As well as being relaxing, it can also be a great way to formulate a plan of action for the day and come up with ideas or solutions for work issues. This, followed by a hot shower, is a great way to get into work mode.

+INFO: The Irish Times

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