How Can AI and IoT Make Indian Cities Breathable by Addressing Air Pollution?

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As people say artificial intelligence will be taking over the world. Taking it positively, we can say that AI is taking over the harmful aspects of the world. Today’s AI and IoT have the potential to provide solutions to many real-life problems. One of the problems requiring urgent attention, where AI can demonstrably make an impact, is combating air pollution.

When we think of air pollution, the first city that comes to mind is Delhi followed by Mumbai, Patna, Gwalior, and so on. Mainly in Delhi air pollution is a constant problem and it has become a dreadful issue as the AQI (Air Quality Index) goes from poor to worse with every passing day.

Today, the evolution of modern technologies with advancements in AI and IoT has the potential to help address air pollution. It can help in identifying the source of air pollution, develop policies, forecast, and thus can help in problem-solving.

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