Home office still uncomfortable? Try these upgrades for a more motivational space

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This winter, experts are bracing for a double whammy of pandemic-related mental health struggles.

According to studies, depression symptoms are about three times more prevalent than they were before the pandemic, and mental health experts fear that pandemic depression will be amplfied by seasonal depression. With colder weather driving people indoors, even those who don’t normally live with seasonal affective disorder are struggling with their mental health. This is partly due to financial stressors, but it’s exacerbated by shorter days, social isolation, and the monotony of remote-work life.

Unfortunately, this pandemic is becoming endemic, meaning COVID-19 will become another virus that we live with for the immediate future. Even with vaccines, many workers may have to also live with remote work, perhaps indefinitely. With that in mind, it’s important to begin thinking of more permanen work-from-home solutions that support our physical and mental health.

+INFO: Fast Company

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