Has COVID-19 transformed the way we work forever?

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2020 has been a transformation year with new working and collaboration methods, bringing a paradigm shift in employee experience. A remote workforce is no longer a distant concept, and virtual collaboration with whiteboarding during meetings, virtual celebrations, and community impact initiatives is the new normal. What employees miss the most are the in-person meetings with their friends in the office or their engagement in onsite activities like fun clubs, musical garage, board games, arts & theater, etc. The people or employees in any organization are the most valuable assets. Remote working experienced its change management curve of denial, doubt, and acceptance. When the work from home policy was applied globally, the challenge of unknowns emerged, like productivity, working environment at home, health, and wellness, and falling sick. For a seamless employee experience during testing times, it was imperative to address these employee concerns and be flexible to keep evolving with the new information.

+INFO: People Matters

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