FM Global’s 2021 Resilience Index shows shift in top country, Hong Kong growing less resilient, Ukraine improving

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Mutual insurance firm FM Global has released its 2021 Resilience Index, a tool meant for senior executives to assess the resilience of 130 countries around the world to make decisions about risk factors and global supply chain planning.

In developing the Resilience Index, FM Global uses 12 objective measures like risk from natural disasters, oil usage and economic productivity to rank countries or economic regions on the resilience of their economic environments.

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“Over the years, leanness, speed and short-term profit have often reigned as primary concerns of global businesses,” said Eric Jones, FM Global’s Vice President, Global Manager of Business Risk Consulting. “But the historic events of 2020 reminded the world that these qualities are subordinate to the ability to resist, rebound from or operate through lockdowns, demonstrations and climate-related disruptions. Resilience has always affected a company’s total value, and this past year’s events brought this imperative into sharp relief.”

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