‘Finding a solution requires building an ecosystem’ – 30 quotes of the week on digital transformation

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Listening is key. If you listen to a large group of people, get their thoughts and views on a particular problem, you come up with what will be the right decision eventually. – Sudha K Varadarajan, Skava

Every app wants sticky users, and businesses are focusing on push-driven marketing by sending distracting notifications to their users, which don’t work, and most of the users tend to dismiss or stop the notifications entirely. – Prateek Gupta, CustomerGlu

Having a diversified group of influencers on multiple platforms with an intelligent content distribution strategy is inarguably the right approach since it increases your engagement manifold. – Udit Verma, Trackier

Live streaming allows shoppers to come closer to products and listen to someone describe what a product feels and looks like. – Nishit Gupta, Kalki Fashion

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