Examples of sustainable cities and smart cities

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An intelligent and sustainable city is a physical place, but also a virtual space, within which public and private, institutions and citizens must meet, to face problems, propose solutions, welcome ideas.

According to a recent definition by the National Observatory of smart cities, the smart city is an “ abstract projection of communities of the future, an applicative and conceptual perimeter defined by a set of needs that find answers in technologies, services and applications that can be traced back to different domains, such as smart building, inclusion, energy, environment, government, living, mobility, education, health, people and much more”.

Making a city smart, just like Lahore smart city means subjecting it to a series of coordinated interventions aimed at improving its sustainability, energy and environmental, and the quality of services to citizens, such as to guarantee participation and active citizenship. In short, in a truly smart city, every problem is no longer addressed individually, but becomes part of a complex system and a new global vision of urban space.

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